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Analyst: Satellite industry worth $271bn in 2019

September 14, 2020

By Chris Forrester

There may be some doom and gloom about the depressed state of consumer demand on aircraft and other Covid-affected businesses, but an analysis of the overall space industry by Bryce on behalf of the Satellite Industry Association paints a rosy picture for last year.

Bryce says that Satellite-based services, representing some 45 per cent of the total, was worth some $123 billion last year. Satellite manufacturing (military as well as commercial) was worth $12.5 billion, while the launch sector was worth $4.9 billion last year. The balance was made up (48 per cent) by ground equipment.

Sub-divide the assorted satellite services businesses and it is no surprise that TV broadcasting (DTH as well as Occasional Use and news feeds) took the lion’s share of the $123 billion in overall value at some $92 billion. Radio was worth $6.2 billion while newcomer broadband – and expected to grow significantly – was worth $2.8 billion.  The other segments incorporated Fixed ($17.7 billion), Mobile ($2 billion) and Remote sensing ($2.3 billion).

Last year’s launch industry was worth some $4.9 billion, and made up of US-sourced launch vehicles ($1.7 billion, or 35 per cent) and $3.2 billion of non-US launch activity.

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