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Eutelsat joins Net Zero Space initiative

November 15, 2021

During the Paris Peace Forum, Eutelsat Communications announced that it is joining the Net Zero Space initiative which has been launched with support from several leading players in the space industry.

The ambition of this international alliance is to create a sustainable outer space environment in 2030 by initiating immediate action to contain and mitigate the generation of in-orbit debris.

“Eutelsat is honoured to work alongside the Paris Peace Forum on the crucial issue of outer space sustainability and to endorse the Net Zero Space initiative”, said Eutelsat Deputy CEO Michel Azibert. “As a leading global satellite operator, it is of paramount importance for us to maintain a safe and sustainable outer space environment. Taking no action would increase the risk of space asset collisions, undermine the safety and sustainability of space operations and inflate the cost of access to the most useful orbits.”

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