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Eutelsat buys back its own shares

June 22, 2020

A Eutelsat board meeting on June 18th voted to cancel 2,229,640 shares, representing 0.96 per cent of the share capital, in accordance with the authorisation granted by the 14th and 15th resolutions of the Combined General Shareholders’ Meeting of November 7th 2019.

Of the 2,229,640 shares cancelled, 2,124,572 shares were acquired under the share buyback programme implemented on March 11th 2020 and 105,068 shares were held by the Company with a view to their possible distribution to employees or corporate officers of Eutelsat Communications.

Eutelsat’s share capital stands at €230,544,995, made up of 230,544,995 ordinary shares with a nominal value of  €1 each.

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